3 Powerful Mindful Practices that will Make your Life Better

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At present we are facing so many challenges and difficulties. This is a very trying time for all of us. Fortunately, we’ve got something amazing for all of you.

Below are 3 powerful mindful practices that you can easily follow and we promise that it won’t only make you feel good but it will also improve your life.

But before we dive in, let’s answer this question first. What is mindfulness, anyway? Mindfulness is defined as an ability to be fully present, to be aware of where you are and what you’re doing. It is further expressed as the ability to not react so much or be overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. You’ll be able to know more about them below. One of the best benefits of practicing mindfulness is that it will make your life better. Studies also show that it will also make your life longer, therefore it’s definitely worth it to practice mindfulness. The steps are super simple and easy to follow. So what are we waiting for? Let’s learn more about the practice of mindfulness.

Mindful Breathing

Breathing has been defined as meditation for people who can’t meditate. This is how Belisa Vranich, a psychologist, and author of the book Breathe defined breathing. Meanwhile, Judson Brewer, Director of Research and Innovation at Brown University states that mindful breathing serves as an anchor for the present moment. He even added that when we have this anchor, we can better handle whatever life throws at us.

Benefits of Mindful Breathing

You’ll be much Happier and Emotionally Stable.

According to a research published in the journal entitled Cognition and Emotion, manipulating your breath can alter how you feel. As a matter of fact, the research suggests that our feelings will vary up to 40 percent when we manipulate how we breath.

You’ll live a Longer Life.

According to a study conducted by Harvard, after having one session of relaxing practices like meditation and yoga, practitioners' genetic material increased. Genetic materials are involved in improving the metabolism and suppression of genetic pathways linked with inflammation. Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer, and heart disease are closely related to chronic inflammation. Based on this study, we can say that better breathing may not only change your life but may also save it.

Here’s a Simple Guide to Practicing Mindful Breathing

Getting into a Comfortable Position is the Key

Whether you are in a seated position or lying down, look for a comfortable position that works for you. Find the position where you can relax, and where your breathing won't feel constricted.

Choose the best option for you

You have two options: you can either use a guided recording or you can simply do it yourself. When you listen to a guided meditation while you’re practicing mindful breathing, it’ll be relaxing and empowering, so we highly recommend this option.

You can set a timer for your desired amount of time or you can also meditate without a guide or timer; it’s your choice. Remember, you’ve got to know what works for you the best.

Notice how you Breathe

You can start by breathing in and out. While you’re doing this, take note of how each inhale and exhales feels.

Focus on the Physical Sensations

As you inhale and exhale, focus on the physical sensations associated with breathing. Then ask yourself where do you feel your breath the most. How does it feel as you breathe in through your nostrils? Do you feel the inhale more in your chest or deep down in your belly?

Don’t nag yourself

Most often than not your mind might wander off while you are practicing mindful breathing and don’t worry, that’s just natural, and that's okay. Acknowledge the fact that your mind has wandered and don’t nag yourself over it. You just have to go back to the breath and the sensations associated with it.

Evaluate yourself

When you’re done, notice how you feel after practicing mindful breathing. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel different? Do I feel more relaxed? What are the things I should do to make it feel better? Remember, there is no right or wrong process. You have to find what actually works for you.

Practicing Mindfulness while doing Yoga

Mindful Yoga is actually a relatively new form of yoga. It’s a form of yoga that applies traditional Buddhist mindfulness teachings to the physical practice of yoga.

What is the difference between Regular Yoga and Mindful Yoga?

Regular Yoga focuses more on the exact posture while Mindful Yoga focuses more on the body or mind awareness rather than achieving the perfect yoga pose. Practicing mindful yoga transforms regular yoga into a form of meditation.

Benefits of Practicing Mindful Yoga

Be more aware or more open to yourself

When you practice mindful yoga, you will learn to become more aware of how you react to unpleasant things

As you practice mindful yoga, it will transform your regular yoga practice into something far more incredible.  This practice will help you grow further and see things as they really are.

Instead of being carried away by your emotions and reacting suddenly, which you might regret after, you’ll be able to train your mind to become more fully aware of how you respond to anything that comes your way.

Helps become stronger at facing the challenges of your daily life

Practicing mindful yoga will help you develop more patience. When you become more patient with yourself and with other people, you could avoid unnecessary conflicts. You’ll learn how not to mindlessly react, and you’d be able to remain calm and reflect more before responding.

Develop a greater sense of compassion for yourself and other people

Through regularly practicing mindful yoga, you can increase your sense of compassion, kindness, and understanding.

As you develop these virtues, you’ll be able to become better at recognizing the basic goodness in yourself and in other people as well.

You’ll be able to give and receive love more easily too. It’ll also help you to heal emotional blockages, and you’ll learn how to let go of your negative beliefs.

How to practice Mindful Yoga

Have a distraction-free area

It’s hard to keep gadgets and belongings away from us when we are in a Yoga class, especially with some people who we don’t know. Therefore, to have a distraction-free area, try to cover your gadgets and belongings with a piece of cloth so you can focus on practicing mindful yoga. Your practice area should only contain your Yoga Mat and your Yoga cushion and other things you might need while practicing mindful yoga.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally to practice mindful yoga

Physical and mental preparedness is the key to practicing mindful yoga. Start by setting up your practice space with the things that you need. To start practicing mindful yoga, you need to have your very own yoga mat. Speaking of which, you’re in for a treat because we have the perfect yoga mat just for you.

Our Essential Yoga Mat is actually suitable for any type of exercise, pre and/or post-workout, stretch, relaxation practice, and of course, it’s an absolutely a must-have for practicing mindful yoga.  It’s also eco-friendly and biodegradable plus it’s very safe for children and even for pregnant women.

After preparing your yoga mat, set the right mood and atmosphere. You can do this by lighting up some essential oil candles so you can have a better experience while practicing mindful yoga.

Did you know that candles have always been a part of healing and restorative practices?  Hence it’s only natural that you include them in a meditative setting.

Our essential oil candles will help you focus more and make your mindful yoga experience much better. Their aromatic scents are designed to create a sense of calmness. They will also add a reverent atmosphere around you. You can check our essential oil candles right here.

Start becoming more aware of how you feel.

Begin the process of noticing and increasing your awareness of how you feel while practicing mindful yoga.

Let go of any expectations

Before practicing mindful yoga, don't forget to set some goals for yourself. You might set a specific goal, like you want to be more flexible or to lose weight. However, don’t let these expectations hold you back.  Just keep in mind that this practice should unfold naturally.

Never compete with others

If other yoga students around you are practicing advanced variations of the poses being presented, don’t compete with them. Remember, practicing mindful yoga is not a competition.

Just do your best to stay connected to what makes the most sense for you or what works for you best in every pose.

Let go of any negative emotions

While practicing mindful yoga, there might be some things that can trigger anger, annoyance, or frustration in us. When these kinds of situations arise, let go of any negative emotions. Focus on practicing mindful yoga and be aware of how you breathe.

Keep calm and just stay focused

There might be a lot of things that may distract you while practicing mindful yoga, but you have to remember to stay on your own mat. This will help you stay calm and focused.

Learn to rest when you’re tired

Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. When you feel tired, don’t keep up. Slow down, then take a rest. Taking a rest is a good way for you to recharge when you’re well-rested, you can continue to practice mindful yoga again.

Mindful Meditation

Level up your meditation routine by combining mindfulness with it. It’ll help you in so many ways. You’ll feel good about yourself and practicing it will definitely change your life for the better.

What is mindful meditation anyway? It is defined as a mental training practice that teaches people how to slow down their racing thoughts, how to let go of negativity, and most importantly, how to calm both your mind and body.

Benefits of Practicing Mindful Meditation:

Mindful Meditation Enhances Body Satisfaction among Women

One study has shown that after the meditation intervention conducted by the researchers the participants experienced a significantly greater reduction in body dissatisfaction, body shame, and contingent self-worth based on their appearance. Interestingly, they also gained greater self-compassion and body appreciation.

Mindfulness Meditation Boosts Brain Functions

Based on the studies conducted, the researchers found out that meditation training reduced fatigue and anxiety and increased mindfulness.

In addition to that, they also noticed that the participants' working memory, visual-spatial processing, and executive functions significantly improved. Their ability to sustain attention was also enhanced.

In other words, studies show that mindful meditation significantly boosted the brain functions of the participants.

Mindfulness Meditation Improves One’s Attention

After completing the 8-week mindfulness meditation training, the participants made more attention-based adjustments to the alpha rhythm. In other words, their attention-span improved.

The alpha rhythm is a frequency which is particularly active in the cells that process touch, sight, and sound in the brain’s outermost layer, called the cortex. The cortex is the part of the brain where irrelevant or distracting sensations are suppressed. This is where the flow of sensory information between brain regions is regulated.

How to Get Started in Practicing Mindful Meditation

To tell you the truth, you can actually practice Mindful Meditation on your own, but having a teacher or joining a program to help you get started may be more effective.

But you’re in for a treat because we’ve compiles some super simple and easy steps that you can follow to help you get started in practicing mindful meditation within the comfort of your home.

Establish a Mindful Meditation Routine

Set aside a specific time for you to practice mindful meditation. Although you may have a very hectic schedule, establishing a routine will help you practice mindful meditation as much as you can.

But sometimes life happens so you’ve got to be super flexible with your schedule, after all, you can only do so much. Just don’t forget to go back to your mindful meditation routine as often as you can so you can reap the benefits and see the amazing results over time.

Being Comfortable is the Key

First, look for a quiet place where you can freely practice mindful meditation.You can sit in a chair or you can also use a meditation cushion so you’ll feel much more relaxed and more comfortable.

Creating an ambiance at your home that helps you relax and have peace of mind is the key to feeling more comfortable while practicing mindful meditation.

Our Incense Holder will bring the soothing elements of nature into your own home. It’s handcrafted for your peace of mind. This product will help you create a naturally cozy sanctuary where you can relax, unwind, and meditate.

Now that you have your mindful meditation essentials, it’s time for you to check your posture. Make sure that your head, neck, and back are straight but don’t make them too stiff. It would also be great if you could wear comfortable clothing so you can breathe easily and focus on practicing mindful meditation.

Set a Time Limit

Although it’s not really necessary for you to use a timer or set a time limit, it’s still very useful.

Most often than not some people lose track of time while meditating, so to ensure that you're not meditating for far too long, make sure to set a time limit.

End your meditation as calmly as possible. We highly suggest that right after practicing mindful meditation, choose a soft alarm sound to help you put a close to it. As you end your meditation session, remember to give yourself some time to slowly become more aware of where you are.

Gradually bring yourself to be in the moment and express the gratitude that you had a great time practicing mindful meditation.

Be attuned to Your Breathing

As you inhale and exhale, be aware of the feeling or sensation that takes over you.

It would also be helpful to use essential oil candles while you’re practicing mindful meditation.

Luckily, we have a variety of essential oil candles that you can choose from. You can check them out here.

As a matter of fact, candles have always played a big part in healing and restorative practices, so it will be very helpful when you include them while you’re meditating.

Our Essential Oil Candles will help more than you realize. Their aromatic scents won’t only make you feel calm, but it will also relieve your stress, which will help you focus more while practicing mindful meditation.

While enjoying the surrounding scents, notice the feeling as well when your belly rise and fall as the air enters your nostrils and leave your mouth. Pay close attention to the way each breath changes and how they’re different from each other.

Also, don’t ignore the thoughts that cross your mind while you’re doing the breathing exercises. Just take a mental note of them and use them as your anchor.

Give yourself a Break

While you’re meditating, it’s natural that your mind may wander to some places that you might not like. If you start overthinking or worrying about many things, then just try to give yourself a much-needed break. Stop and try to refocus on your breathing. Keep in mind that refocusing on the present is the very practice of mindfulness.

Bonus Tip:

Use Meditation Apps

If you’re trying to practice mindful meditation by yourself and you think you’re having a hard time doing it, then you might want to download an app such as Calm or Headspace that provides meditation guides. These apps will teach you a variety of tools to help you get centered throughout your day.


Key Takeaways:

Practicing mindfulness won’t only make you feel good, it will also improve your life.

These are the 3 powerful mindful practices mentioned above: doing breathing exercises, practicing yoga, and doing meditation.

They're not only super simple and easy to follow, research also shows that if you do these practices regularly, you will enjoy a lot of benefits such as living a longer life and becoming much happier.

Here's a recap of the must-have things for you to have a smoother way of following these practices.

Mindful Yoga Essentials:

- Yoga Mat

- Essential Oil Candles

Mindful Meditation Essentials:

- Essential Oil Candles

- Incense Holder

You can all check them right hereMake your life better by practicing the powerful mindful practices above.

We would love if you could also tell us about your experiences.  Don’t forget to share with us your mindful journey. Best of luck, my friends! Cheers.



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