At The Fair Tribe, we are deeply committed to living an eco-friendly lifestyle that does not harm our amazing planet and the living beings inhabiting it.

...and we are guessing that you found your way to our site because similar to us, you are doing your best to live an ethical and sustainable life!

High-five to you – we love to engage with like-minded people and are beyond happy that you are making intentional and conscious decisions in your life.

Let us share our concept and values we follow!

First of all, rest assured that we are serious about our values and do everything in our power to ensure that we only work with fair-trade brands who fulfil our high expectations.

Our mission is selling ONLY eco-friendly, ethical, vegan and handmade  products that do not harm the environment.

We are a marketplace featuring only pollution-free products of fair-trade brands. 

The majority of the products in our online store are from brands which produce in Europe.

This is to ensure that products sold on our site are not shipped across the entire planet.

At times, we may also feature products that were produced outside of Europe.

If you want to limit your search to eco-friendly products produced in Europe, you can look out for the relevant tag that indicates so on the product page.

Each brand we work with was carefully selected and fulfils certain or all criteria regarding its production, product features and whether it's using natural materials and eco-friendly, pollution-free ingredients.

We indicate via our product tags which criteria each product fulfils. All brands we work with make a serious effort to be animal-, human-,earth-, and eco-friendly and are committed to high ethical and human rights standards as well as a sustainable healthy, lifestyle.

We examine each brands’ production practices, product features and values by researching them and we also ask companies for relevant documentation prior to working with them.

Learn more about our founder: Leandra Eva Nobs

Below you find an overview of the things we look out for in companies.

We look out for brands that said goodbye to plastic and instead use sustainable materials for their products. We also ensure that brands we work with are committed to shipping orders as environmentally-friendly as possible, for instance by avoiding plastic packaging and using recycled packaging material whenever possible.

We ensure that the companies we work with observe fair working conditions to all individuals involved in the production of their products and components thereof. This means that living wages (not minimum wages) are paid to all workers. It further means that no unreasonable overtime work is asked from any individual involved in the production of products and that the work environment is safe and comfortable.

We love animals at The Fair Tribe (possibly more than we love humans) and therefore we love to work with companies that say no to animal cruelty, testing on animals and animal-derived products. If you see this tag next on a product description page, it means that it is 100% vegan and that the product and its components were not tested on animals.

For the health of our consumers as well as for the planet, we prefer to feature products that are organic and free from harmful ingredients. When you find this tag on a product description page, you will also see a more detailed explanation of which parts / materials of a product are organic.

While researching sustainable companies, we came across many that create amazing products from plastics which they upcycle. To indicate this amazing initiative, we created a product tag indicating which products are made from recycled materials.

The majority of the companies we feature in our online store are European. If brands produce their products exclusively in Europe and also source their product parts in Europe, you will find this tag in the product description. We love featuring “locally-oriented” products as they help reduce our and your carbon footprint.

Last but not least, we love to feature the products of brands that donate part of their profits to social or environmental causes. This will be indicated via the product tag on the left and more details about which project or cause is supported through your purchase will be found in the product description.