The Fair Tribe was founded by Leandra Eva Nobs, a Swiss, millennial woman who has a background in international law. Leandra is committed to living an intentional life which does not cause harm to the planet, animals and fellow humans.

While spending time on the beautiful island of Bali, she developed the concept for The Fair Tribe. Bali is a controversial place in regards to its nature; it is on one hand full of lush, jungle-like nature, mountains and rice fields. On the other hand however, plastic pollution is a major issue on the island.

While living there, Leandra realized that the majority of shops, cafes and restaurants are taking action against the pollution by providing people with water-refill stations, offering alternatives to single-use plastic products and by taking part in activities such as beach clean ups.

These actions and the sustainable, eco-friendly products that Leandra came across inspired to create an online space where people who are conscious about their consumption choices, can find a variety of vegan, pollution-free, eco-friendly, handmade and ethical products by different fair-trade brands.

Her idea was also to provide small conscious brands with a wider audience and people who are interested in their range of eco-friendly products as there are many amazing but rather unknown sustainable and ethical brands out there.

Prior to founding The Fair Tribe, Leandra worked for a multinational company in the field of Corporate Investigations and also worked with the United Nations and other international organizations.

During her studies, Leandra focused on human rights law and refugee law and it was these fields of law that also played into the idea of creating The Fair Tribe.

Being aware of the countless human rights abuses that take place especially within the fashion industry and specifically against female employees, it was Leandra’s wish to create a marketplace that does not undermine anyone’s rights.

In Leandra’s view, not only humans are entitled to certain rights and a dignified life, but so are animals and the planet and nature as a whole. It is her vision that one day; ethical, sustainable and mindful consumption is the norm and not the exception.

Leandra grew up in Switzerland and is a self-proclaimed nomad. She never knows how long she will stay in one place before the urge to travel hits her again. Besides her love for exploring this awesome planet we get to call home, she loves taking photos, spending time in nature and practicing yoga.

She is also addicted to educational podcasts, loves reading and is a major (fair-trade) coffee addict. She will share her thoughts & views in the blog page of The Fair Tribe and on our social media pages.