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Hooray, You have decided to become a vendor on The Fair Tribe! We are so happy you are interested in joining our tribe!

Before we get started, we kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with our values and the expectations we have towards companies we work with. We at The Fair Tribe want to ensure that we are contributing towards making our awesome planet a more sustainable and ethical home for all of us. For this reason, we are a bit picky when choosing brands we work with. Your company should meet some (or in the best scenario all) of the following criteria:

You ensure that fair-trade practices are followed in the entire supply and production chain of your products. This means that all workers are paid a living wage. We further ask that the work environment for all workers is safe and comfortable and that employees are not asked to work unreasonable hours of overtime.

Further, we love to work with brands that recycle or upcycle materials for producing their items. We also prefer to work with brands that do not use any kind of plastic as components for their products. We do at times make exceptions to this rule if a brand is meeting other product criteria.

Additionally, we also ask companies to refrain from using plastic as a packaging material when shipping orders.

As animal lovers, we also love to work with brands whose products are vegan and whose product ingredients are not tested on animals.

We understand that it can be difficult and pricy to produce in Europe. If your company does, shoutout to you! Please make sure to let us know if your company produces its items 100% in Europe as this is something we prefer. We will list this next to your products on our site.

Further, we want to ensure that the products we sell on our site are safe for humans (and animals should your dog catch something and chew on it) and good for the planet. This is why we appreciate companies that sell vegan, pollution-free, eco-friendly, handmade and ethical products that contain mostly natural ingredients. If this is what your company does, make sure to tell us more about the components of your products.

While researching fair-trade, sustainable ethical brands, we found that many of you also care about giving back and often donate part of the profit. We LOVE this practice and are interested to know if you make contributions to any charities or projects when selling items. We will make sure to list this next to your eco-friendly products on our site.

Lastly, we love to work with creative and innovative companies that create solutions to environmental or other problems we face on our planet. For instance, this could mean creating sustainable alternatives to traditionally unsustainable products.

If you would like to join our site as a vendor, you can create a profile via the following link:

Once you are logged in and your account has been approved by us, you will be able to add products. The approval process involves us conducting a due diligence research to ensure that your company's practices comply with our standards. We may ask you to provide additional information or documents during this process. 

A guide on how to add products can be found here:


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