Sphere Cache Pot | Different Colors

Dark & Cozy

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Handcrafted for your peace of mind, the Dark&Cozy sphere planter will bring the soothing elements of nature into your home with earthy tones, tactile stone finishes, and your favorite mini plant!



7 x 8 ø cm

    - Fits a 5 ø cm plant pot --> Perfect for mini cacti, succulents, or air plants

Textured stone finish

Each planter is handcast and hand finished resulting in unique differences


What is a Cache Pot?

A plant pot without a hole is a cache pot. Cache pots are used when you place another planter (usually the original pot that came with the plant) inside the cache pot. You will not need a dish because there is no hole for water to drain. 



Made from a blend of fine stone and water-based resin. Its durable, light weight, and heat resistant.

Dark&Cozy packaging is plastic free. Any plastic used is used for protecting objects has been reclaimed.


Made to Order:

Each piece is handmade upon request. Please allow 5 business days for your order to be made and shipped.