Silver Plated Herkimer Diamond Ring

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Ring with 9-11 (depending on the ring size) tiny, gorgeous, extremely sparkling herkimer diamonds (double terminated quartz crystal).

Plating: Heavily ( 10 micron ) plated in Silver

The Herkimer Diamonds that are used for this rings are directly sourced from a mine in Herkimer, New York.
Herkimer diamonds come in various gem grades, from AA to C. This herkimer diamonds are classified AA, which can be seen in their great clarity, perfect shape and brilliance.

The pictured ring shows an example. If a ring is ordered, it is especially made for you.
So the copper lines will slightly vary, but the herkimer diamonds will be the same size and almost exact same shape as in the pictured ring. Each ring will be unique, but just as pretty as the pictured one.


>>> 2 to 6 WEEKS <<<

The plating is extremely thick and sturdy and wont wear off or chip easily. It is best to remove your plated pieces for cleaning, swimming etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The pictures show the jewelry enlarged and in bright studio light, to show off details and colors. So the jewelry might look more dainty in person and the colors will only be as vibrant when viewed in bright light.

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